Heavy Computer Breakdown

It’s official, my computer is le dead, kaputt,
broken. That means, of course, that my productivity has gone through
the floor, as I am stuck with my old, slow, 256MiB-of-RAM laptop, which
also features a full hard disk (well, with only 20GiB to start with…).

The cause of the troubles, I suspect, is the mainboard. I had defect
RAM before, but I just don’t believe that RAM is burning out every few
weeks. Also, the IDE bus is behaving erratically, and random
bluescreens are the order of the day. When I tried to install a fresh
Windows on a new harddisk, hell broke lose, and well, here I am,
posting from aforementioned laptop.

So, don’t expect any new hacks, user scripts, photos or the likes in
the next weeks, until I can get my hands on a real machine again.
Donations are welcome, but not tax-deductible – feel free to transfer
funds to paypal@moeffju.de.

PS: I lost some data in the crash. It’s a good thing to have backups
– of the wrong disk. Or, asking Murphy, why is the harddisk that
crashes never the one you just backed up? Please mourn for my data.

One Reply to “Heavy Computer Breakdown”

  1. aw, my dear… don’t seperate a man and his machine, hmm? don’t be down in the mouth! you ‘forgot’ to mention that in a few days you’ll get a new toy or weapon, a new friend or enemy – a real machine.
    Until you get along with it play or fight with me 🙂

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