The Unfeeling Protectors

[CN references to violence, toxic masculinity, rape]

Gabrielle Blair aka Design Mom posted a thread on Twitter about (usually white, usually cis) men and their fantasies around “protecting their families” that are actually fantasies of “justified” violence.

Luckily, she also posted it on her blog, where it’s easy to read and not subject to the Twitter privacy-stripping, engagement-driven thought blender:
[Men are] picturing some great thing — having to protect their family at gun point from a clear and present danger. When the actual instructions for protecting the family are simpler, they are no longer interested.

One can rightfully argue that the US is a special case, with its insane gun laws, shaped by a strong lobby group influencing politics against the public majority, leading to the highest rates of gun violence within their socioeconomic group of countries. But the thinking behind these “protect my family” fantasies is the same in “conservative” and far-right circles here in Europe and likely worldwide.

It’s the fantasy of replacing with violence, justified by pseudo-morals, anything resembling emotion, care, reflection. These men like to feel powerful, and power and violence are inextricably linked in their minds. Conversely, anything that is not violent must thus diminish their power.