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quickPV, for when you visit the deviantART related gallery.

Edit This Journal

Edit This Journal adds links to directly edit your journal entries.
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quickSUBMIT speeds up submitting new deviations.
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switchUSER (beta)

switchUSER (beta) allows for quickly switching the logged-in user, keeping track of accounts.


dynamicRATING makes comment ratings dynamic.
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feedUS brings feeds to your message center.
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replyALL adds a "Reply to All" button to notes.
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Slideshow creates a slideshow of a deviant's gallery.
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deviantUNANNOY removes the sponsors block for non-subscribers.

Congregative Cavity

Congregative Cavity replaces the text 'collective rectum' in the footer with 'congregative posterior cavity'. This is done to keep dA politically correct, since in the recent, long-awaited, and most welcome change of 'Forum Wh*re' to 'Forum Addict', this important bit of profanity has evaded the administration of dA. We are certain it's just an oversight, but as long as the proposed change is still going through dA Quality Assurance, the community is helping itself.

Inspiration: This forum post by jnc.


goNEXT adds Previous/Next links to deviations.
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Toggle All By Deviant has been retired

Devious Thumbs has been retired