Dropbox wurde von mir erst belächelt, aber jetzt, wo ich es ausprobiert habe, bin ich begeistert. Es funktioniert einfach, und das ist genau das, was ich von Computern will.

Wer es auch ausprobieren möchte, möge unter Angabe seiner E-Mail-Adresse hier kurz kommentieren, wieso Dropbox interessant für ihn ist. more…

re:publica 08

Wir können alles außer Internet

oder “Die Medienkompetenz der Universität des Saarlandes”.

Früher war alles besser. Die Universitäten waren Vorreiter bei der Vernetzung, Studenten wollten die Welt verändern, und Spam kam in Briefform. more…

Fark redesigned

Fark got a new design. What is with everyone redesigning these days?

Google Summer of Code 2007

I will be participating in this year’s Summer of Code, working on WordPress internationalization. You can read my full proposal online. Of over 6,000 applications, about 900 were accepted. WordPress could only accept 10 out of about 90 applications. It’s bound to be an interesting summer with working on WordPress and Habari at the same time, plus $work, photography, and ‘real’ life.

The frenzy … more…

Habari 0.1.1 released

Okay, seriously. Habari 0.1.1 Developer Release is now available for download and hacking:

Habari DR released; forked

Hey, don’t worry! We’re just kidding! You’re reading Habari’s April Fools joke.

Update: ForkPress made 20,070,401 downloads already! I can’t believe it! more…

Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2 now

Update: The announcement is out. The important part is:

[…] a cracker had gained user-level access to one of the servers that powers wordpress.org, and had used that access to modify the download file […]

Nothing in the Subversion repository was touched, so if you upgrade and maintain your blog via SVN there is no chance you downloaded the corrupted release file.


Habari development

As you may or may not know, I’m now part of the core development committee of Habari. Habari is a next generation blogging platform written in object-oriented PHP using the model view controller design pattern. There, enough buzzwords?

Not having to support a huge installed codebase with a lot of legacy, we have a chance to “do things right” with Habari. Using MVC is certainly a… more…

SPON about cRANKy

Wie kann man einen Artikel über eine neue Suchmaschine schreiben, ohne diese zu verlinken. SPON kann.