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Plan9 from Bell Labs

I kid, I kid. I have no intention of changing operating systems, at least until Linux finally is ready for the Deskop. Plan 9 still is nice, though!

Much is foul in the state of computing today. Proprietary software is used throughout the industry as well as on the majority of personal computers. The promised Linux Desktop revolution, announced since years, has not happened so far, and people are beginning to doubt it ever will happen.

This madness more… must end.

More Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

Prayer vigil targets Devil’s Day

The “Ambassadors Ministries”, a Dutch evangelical organisation, have started an initiative to hold “a violent day of worship” to counteract the forces of evil. The over 2000 Christians in the Netherlands will be joined people in 23 further countries. more…

Could Gravitomagnetism lead to a GUT and artificial gravity?

Very interesting experiments regarding gravitomagnetism might lead to a unified theory of quantum mechanics and general relativity. I’ll just link the papers and quote the abstracts, you can read a ‘real’ article at

Local Photon and Graviton Mass and its Consequences more…