Habari 0.1.1 released

Okay, seriously. Habari 0.1.1 Developer Release is now available for download and hacking:

Habari DR released; forked

Hey, don’t worry! We’re just kidding! You’re reading Habari’s April Fools joke.

Update: ForkPress made 20,070,401 downloads already! I can’t believe it! more…


Habari is a new blogging platform being developed by a number of well known people, some of which are fed up with open source, others just looking for new challenges.

The thing about Habari is that is starts from scratch, and today. That means it doesn’t have to worry about a lot of existing legacy code and thus, downward compatibility. It is also being designed… more…

Reader Bar 0.21

Reader Bar marks the previous scroll position (the screen area visible prior to scrolling, to be exact). It helps to keep track of your reading position, especially when scrolling at the very bottom or very top of a page, when scroll steps are not integral.

Available in userscript and bookmarklet flavours. Tested with Firefox and Firefox w/ Greasemonkey. more…