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Mama 'n Bama

Google Summer of Code 2007

I will be participating in this year’s Summer of Code, working on WordPress internationalization. You can read my full proposal online. Of over 6,000 applications, about 900 were accepted. WordPress could only accept 10 out of about 90 applications. It’s bound to be an interesting summer with working on WordPress and Habari at the same time, plus $work, photography, and ‘real’ life.

The frenzy … more…

I drink many beers

Pronouncing Habari

Since the question has been raised how to pronounce Habari:

In X-SAMPA, it would be transcribed as more…

Things to ponder: "Undo"

English has a short, simple word: “undo”.

The equivalent in German is “Rückgängig machen” or “Ungeschehen machen”, and I can’t really think of anything shorter than that. more…

Easy targets

41. StuTS in Bielefeld

Die nächste Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft (XLI. StuTS)
findet vom 16.05.-20.05. 2007 in Bielefeld statt.

Wer’s glaubt. more…

Word of the Year 2006 will be "pwnage"

Merriam-Webster’s top ten “Words of the Year” 2006 will be determined by an online poll. What could possibly go wrong?

I, for one, welcome our new l33tsp34k pwnage w0rd of the year overlordz. more…