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WordPress 2.2 delayed, tags ripped out

Matt Mullenweg on wp-hackers:

Let’s create a 2.2 branch and start removing the current tagging implementation. I’ll announce on my blog that 2.2 will be delayed.


Habari development

As you may or may not know, I’m now part of the core development committee of Habari. Habari is a next generation blogging platform written in object-oriented PHP using the model view controller design pattern. There, enough buzzwords?

Not having to support a huge installed codebase with a lot of legacy, we have a chance to “do things right” with Habari. Using MVC is certainly a… more…

Pronouncing Habari

Since the question has been raised how to pronounce Habari:

In X-SAMPA, it would be transcribed as more…


Habari is a new blogging platform being developed by a number of well known people, some of which are fed up with open source, others just looking for new challenges.

The thing about Habari is that is starts from scratch, and today. That means it doesn’t have to worry about a lot of existing legacy code and thus, downward compatibility. It is also being designed… more…

Do follow, please

[lang_de] Dieses Blog ist seit jetzt wieder frei von rel="nofollow". Das nofollow-Attribut hat in meinen Augen nichts gebracht - der Linkspam hat nicht abgenommen, die Suchergebnisse wurden nicht merklich besser. Statt dessen wird auch den legitimen Links (in Posts oder Kommentaren) der Google-Juice(tm?) genommen.

Also, back to the (web)roots: Do follow! [/lang_de] [lang_en] This blog is once again free from rel="nofollow". The nofollow attribute hasn’t … more…

Blogger Beta Captchas broken?

I’m trying to comment on a blog using a account, but I can’t see the Captcha image because the image URL returns only a 404 Not Found. Is anyone else having problems?

Update: It’s fixed. more…

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