BarCamp Berlin 3

Der Veranstaltungsort für das BarCamp Berlin (2008-10-18/19) steht fest. Eben wurde angekündigt, dass das BCB3 in der Hauptstadtrepräsentanz der Deutschen Telekom (!) stattfinden wird. Das klingt vielversprechend und lässt zumindest auf konstant funktionierenden Netzzgugang hoffen :)

Auch Sponsoren haben sich viele gefunden - große und kleine. Allen voran die Telekom, die nicht nur die Location stellt, sondern auch kräftig für T-Systems (und vermutlich T-Labs) werben will. … more…

Migrated to Habari; HSoC

I finally moved over to this blogging platform thingamajick I’m writing with the great folks of the Habari Project. The theme is the wonderful Charcoal by Ali B. / dmondark with minor tweaks.

Habari unfortunately didn’t get accepted into this year’s Summer of Code, although we made the short list. Anyway, we decided we’ll just hold our own Summer of Love Habari Summer of Collaboration.… more…

Canon EOS 40D officially announced

Canon today announced the EOS 40D, successor to the EOS 30D. It features the new DIGIC III processor, 6.5 frames per second, a larger and brighter viewfinder, live view with autofocus(!), buffer for 75 JPEGs/17 RAWs, weather-proofing, 1D-style menus (with “My Menu”), a new AF system, dedicated AF button, automatic dust-removal and a 10.1 megapixel sensor. Also, the 40D doesn’t just shut down and lose all … more…

Habari 0.1.1 released

Okay, seriously. Habari 0.1.1 Developer Release is now available for download and hacking:

Habari DR released; forked

Hey, don’t worry! We’re just kidding! You’re reading Habari’s April Fools joke.

Update: ForkPress made 20,070,401 downloads already! I can’t believe it! more…

Plan9 from Bell Labs

I kid, I kid. I have no intention of changing operating systems, at least until Linux finally is ready for the Deskop. Plan 9 still is nice, though!

Much is foul in the state of computing today. Proprietary software is used throughout the industry as well as on the majority of personal computers. The promised Linux Desktop revolution, announced since years, has not happened so far, and people are beginning to doubt it ever will happen.

This madness more… must end.

Habari development

As you may or may not know, I’m now part of the core development committee of Habari. Habari is a next generation blogging platform written in object-oriented PHP using the model view controller design pattern. There, enough buzzwords?

Not having to support a huge installed codebase with a lot of legacy, we have a chance to “do things right” with Habari. Using MVC is certainly a… more…


Habari is a new blogging platform being developed by a number of well known people, some of which are fed up with open source, others just looking for new challenges.

The thing about Habari is that is starts from scratch, and today. That means it doesn’t have to worry about a lot of existing legacy code and thus, downward compatibility. It is also being designed… more…

Linke Killerspieler

Coming soon!


“Killerspieler”-Shirts für Linkshänder und sonstige Cursortastenspieler :)